A high-performance weldless pipe connector that uses a unique metal-to-metal sealing system.

The Poulton Technologies PT-1 connector is a weldless mechanical connector that has been designed to replace:

  • Traditional pipe to pipe butt welding
  • ANSI / API Flanges
  • Hub-type connectors (Grayloc, Techlok, etc.)
  • Compact flanges (SPO – Vector, Taperlok)
  • Existing weldless connection systems
Advantages of

Size & Mass

The PT1 requires less space, and is much lighter than a pair of flanges.

Both the flange and PT 1 are shown in the same scale
(4” NB, ANSI 2500lb).

Advantages of


The functions of connecting and sealing are separated in the PT 1, so external influences do not affect the seal.

This means the PT-1 will survive significant bending, vibration and tension, whilst maintaining an effective, pressurised seal.

CATASTROPHIC FAILURE IS NOT POSSIBLE due to the mechanical strength of the PT 1; Where as a pair of flanges, when exposed to excessive external mechanical stresses can break apart.
Advantages of

Fire Proof

The PT 1 has passed the crucial API 6FB fire test at 650°C, which makes it suitable for carrying high temperature fluids and gasses at high pressures. It also means that fires external to the PT1 will not affect the seal integrity.


Metal to Metal Seal

Which ensures high temperature capability even under extreme external forces and a long maintenance free lifespan.

Advantages of

No Welding Required

Can be fitted in hazardous areas with hand tools only, and does not require a

Advantages of

Pipe Integrity

The PT 1 does not de-rate the pipe.

The existing pressure classification is maintained, and no additional work is required, because the PT 1 is classed by Lloyd’s Register as a permanent connection with a 20-year life.

It is not a temporary repair. It does NOT suffer from fatigue degeneration.

Advantages of

Cost & Value

The PT 1 is very quick to install.

2x 4” pipes welded to ANSI 2500lb weld-neck flanges would require over 20 hours work, which includes: weld preparation, pre-heating, positioning, welding, NDT, bolting, etc.

The same job with a PT 1 will take less than a couple of hours.

Advantages of

Type Approval

The PT 1 is Type Approved by Lloyd’s Register.

The tests required for Type Approval are both numerous and very tough and would not be passed by a traditional flanged connections.

Advantages of


The design of the PT 1 is unique.

It is protected by global patents.

Advantages of


The design of the PT 1 ensures that no bending or torsional stresses can be exerted by the joint.

With a flange joint, even the tiniest radial or axial misalignment 
can introduce stress into the pipeline, and cause installation problems.

Advantages of

Safer, better, easier to install

The PT 1 is stronger and longer-lasting, safer and more reliable,

Much cheaper to install, offering through-life costs much lower than a flanged connection.

No other connector offers equivalent performance in extreme conditions.

  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Strength
  • Reliability
Advantages of PT1


  • Weldless 100% metal-to-metal seal – Industry preference, especially on hydrocarbon and/or high-temperature systems
  • Removable and reusable (with new seals fitted) – Excellent access for maintenance
  • Reduced weight – The connector occupies a much smaller envelope than conventional flanges
  • Save money – The weldless nature of the PT-1 connector makes it competitive with welded systems, included welded-flanges when comparing the total cost of connection
  • High-strength connection so it is capable of withstanding both internal pressure and a wide range of external load conditions
  • Wide range of operating conditions – Temperature and pressure (Initial approvals cover the connector up to 10,000 psi and over 600 deg C)
  • Lloyds Register type approval covering 1” to 16” N. B. Note that the design can be scaled to cover larger diameters
  • Compatibility with various pipe materials / process fluids. Only the seals and centre section are process-wetted, so the PT-1 can be supplied NACE MR 0175 compliant.